Information guide

Etiquette in use

  • At admission
  • · Please complete the registration 30 minutes before the tee off time.

    · Please wear a suit or jacket when entering. (no tie is allowed)

    · Unfit garments such as collarless tops, jeans, sneakers, and slippers may be rejected.

    · When wearing knee stockings, shorts are allowed.

    · Do not wear mask for male customers.

    · When you enter the front desk, you must register yourself and the registered name is identical with golf bag nameplate name.

    · The team should consist of three to four members.

  • teeing ground
  • · All guests must arrive at the Start Hole 10 minutes before the tee off time.

    · If three or more people do not arrive at the teeing ground by the tee off time, the golf course may be restricted.
      However, in the case of a team of four, three players may tee off first and then one person may join later.

    · The grouping and tee-off time cannot be changed at the start hole.

    · Please do not wear the following clothes when rounding.
      - Tops: collarless tops, sleeveless tops, sweatpants
      - Bottoms: jeans, short skirts, sweatpants
      - Shoes: ironing spikes, hiking boots, sneakers
      - hats: no hats or wearing cap wrong side

    · No one except tee shot players can go up on teeing ground.

  • In game
  • · Smoking is only permitted in designated places on the course (in front of the shadow house of each course and the outdoor ashtray of the Start House).

    · You must maintain the interval between the game progress with the preceding team so that it does not interfere with the back team.

    · Bunker cleaning, debot, and ball marks must be repaired by the customers.

    · Observe the golf manners and local roll during the competition.

    · In the par-3 hole, please sign the back team according to the guidance of the game guide.

    · Avoid practice putting and approach shots in a hole-out green or non-used teeing ground.

    · Avoid manipulating and driving golf carts at random.

    · Don’t Bring food into the course or refrain from excessive drinking on the course.

    · For smooth competition and golf manners, the use of golf can be restricted immediately for the following cases.
      - Players with a score of 60 or more in the first eight holes
      - if a golf bet or delay play interferes with another team's rounding
      - if there is a significant damage to the golf course or facilities
      - if some of the team's players stop playing during the competition, so that there are no more than two players in the team

  • Locker
  • · If you have tattoos or skin diseases that disgust others, do not bathe.

    · Valuables must be stored at the front desk.We are not responsible for the lost valuables not stored at the front desk.

    · Be careful of exposure when setting a locker password.

    · Lost items left in the locker are not responsible for the golf course.


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